baby shower backdrop a little wild one is on the way with cheetah, balloon arrangement in brown, sand and green with baby balloon boxes and chaise lounge

Thank you for checking out The Coolest Place, we’re a party venue that also provides decor services and party arrangements. If you’re interested in providing your own party decor and having us set it up, we can do that too.

This set is an example of something you can make using items ordered from amazon. All of the links are connected to my associates account so if you use them to purchase I will make a commission. Thank you for that. I truly hope you like these suggestions for your baby shower. Use the pieces you like, and replace the rest with whatever you like better. My suggestions are meant to inspire you to build something you love, but if you want to copy/paste the whole thing, that’s okay too.

    1. Green Chaise Lounge Chair for Baby Shower Set
    2. Jungle Vine for Baby Shower Set
    3. A Wild One is On The Way for Baby Shower Set
    4. Green Balloon Mix for Baby Shower Set
    5. Chocolate Brown Balloons for Baby Shower Set
    6. White Sand Balloons for Baby Shower Set
    7. Gold Baby Balloon Boxes for Baby Shower Set
    8. Warm White Fairy lights for Baby Shower Set

10×10 Gold Sequin Curtain for Baby Shower Set

We do have this set at The Coolest Place already, if you’d like to hire us to set it up for you just like this, with of course custom tweaks and the balloons will be uniquely displayed, we can do that as well. The theme is ‘a little wild one is on the way’.


That isn’t the only way to use this style of balloons though! ‘2 wild’ is another great theme that goes with these balloons. They are Party Woo balloons and you will need 3 sets for this look. Party Woo is slightly above average for Amazon balloon brands, they do come in various sizes which you need but once in a while the packaging falls apart.


However, when you hire us to do the decor for you, we will use top quality brands. I do recommend Party Woo for those that would like to keep their party budget under a certain amount but still receive full sets of balloons.


Back to this look: If you want to make it even fuller, I recommend two sets of the Green Mix, + 1 each of the brown and sand. The arrangement in the photo used 4 of the green colors from the green mix, + all the brown from the mix, all the sand from the mix, and half the brown and sand from their packages.


The foliage I had lying around the shop but I do have a link for the vine. The baby boxes with balloons are an affordable and fun way to upgrade your set if you don’t want to spend on some of the pricier decor choices. If you add fairy lights, and even have matching decals or leaves to add, it will look even more lovely. Add some sparkling gems in the bottom of the boxes to make them shine even more!


The Cheetah is from Melissa & Doug and is 3ft tall. It adds elegance yet warmth to the set.


Every element can make a difference to the vibe of the set you’re creating, so choose what speaks to your taste and let it guide you. Trends are fun and great to be part of, but at the end of the day it is all about what makes you happiest.


At The Coolest Place that is exactly what we want. To make you happy

baby shower backdrop a little wild one is on the way with cheetah, balloon arrangement in brown, sand and green with baby balloon boxes and chaise lounge

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Two Wild Birthday Party

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looking through the soccer theme balloon arch onto the guest floor and tables and chairs
Hanging balloon cloud over gift table for baby shower
Balloon Arch featuring woodland theme balloons

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