Balloon Arch featuring woodland theme balloons
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Hello to Fort Mohave, Arizona and the rest of the tri-state area. We are a Party Rental Venue with features that focus on family entertainment, making memories, and creating a beautiful fun time for every guest of your event. With a lounge area for playing x-box games as a family or for watching movies, to a kids creativity center and play area, we have you covered. Of course, that includes a rocking chair for those who need a little more comfort while socializing. 

We also offer decor services, so you can truly walk through the doors, and into the party. No need to give yourself the extra-stress of setting up EVERY detail, we will handle whatever you want us to handle for you. Yet, if you want to do it all, we’re there to assist as well. 

If you want to build your own display’s and photo sets for your event, that’s great! Even though we love when you hire us to do it for you, we’re also here to help when you don’t. Because we want every party to feel special and memorable.

Our base rental includes all the things you’ll need to get your party started, such as the tables and chairs for your guests, food and gift tables and if you need additional tables we can do that. All parties have access to the 4 x-box systems and the 6 TV’s for gaming and streaming, kid’s toys, a Lego table, creativity center with books, board games, air hockey table, wall mounted x-large connect 4, darts, a kitchenette with mini-fridge, freezer and prep sink, a stand or arch to use for decor, a matching backdrop curtain to your decor, and we will empty and refill the trash for you through your party and take care of all the large cardboard or trash you have. 


Have you ever been distracted from the joy of the day because of the stress of the prep?

It’s pretty usual to feel that way when you have such an important and special moment in your mind and yet you have to focus on all the details of getting it ready. 

And then after, you have to worry about getting it all cleaned up and having guests that just won’t leave! 

When you come to The Coolest Place, there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about: finding a way to gracefully end your party and get your house back to yourself and in order! 

Especially when you hire us to set up the decor for you, and we will even handle creating goody/swag bags for your guests, ordering and stuffing the Piñata, and we’ll arrange your food table. We’re available for your party service needs, just let us know the details on our quote form

With our assistance in removing the waste throughout the party, and cleaning up any b ig messes that might arise, you can save yourself a few hours of clean up. 

Save yourself time on party prep too, now you don’t have to get your house in tip-top shape just to have it destroyed in moments. 

For baby showers and wedding showers, we are a great service as well because we will transform the casual family space into a more formal space at your desire. We’re happy to set up drapes, and hide away toys, if that is a service you’re looking for. We have seen both options for baby showers, and they both are always fun and look great. 

Balloon Service, blow up and install balloons for you or that you provide photo showing the coolest place

How to Book

*we will email a booking proposal and follow-up with a text to confirm ‘your proposal with The Coolest Place has been emailed’ 

It is our pleasure to provide a space for you that you can feel comfortable with your family. 

For you to be able to celebrate the important milestones and events in your life at our place is an honor to us. We are grateful to have you, and want you to be a regular here. We want to provide you a place you can always feel good about going to with your entire family. 

We want your party experience to be exactly what you want it to be. If you’re looking for a laid back and easy day, or a formal and elegant event, we are here to help make it happen. 

Our Balloon Clouds Bring Your Event Up a Level

Balloon Cloud Installation Menu
covered tables and chairs with balloon clouds at the coolest place in Fort Mohave


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looking through the soccer theme balloon arch onto the guest floor and tables and chairs
Hanging balloon cloud over gift table for baby shower
Balloon Arch featuring woodland theme balloons

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