balloon arch arrangement for baby shower little boy colors brown baby blue and nude with a little cowboy is on the way banner in bullhead city FORT MOHAVE arizona

Thank you for checking out our blog, we are a Baby Shower Venue for rent, and we also accept birthday parties, graduation parties, family reunions and more.

Wondrous worlds of magic and beauty came together this weekend for two sweet birthday parties: One Disney-themed and the other Barbie-themed. Both parties used our Base Decor Package so we were able to contribute to the joyful vibes of the day with our Balloon Arch & other decor elements. We appreciate being able to do that, thank-you to those that choose our services.

Baby Shower Venue for Rent: Let’s Celebrate those Little Babies!

Happily, we also had a lovely baby shower for the weekend parties. It was awesome having Makayla and her family/friends here to celebrate, and we recognized some from past parties! We love to see a repeat guest here. The theme was super cute: ‘A Sweet Little Cowboy Is On the Way’. Thank-you Makayla for hiring us to create an arch around your backdrop. We’re so happy you chose to host your baby shower at The Coolest Place®.

a sweet little cowboy is on the way baby shower balloon arch in brown, baby blue and nude colors at private party venue in FORT MOHAVE bullhead city Arizona
You can click the link below to buy this Wooden Arch. We will earn Affiliate money from that, so we appreciate it. This arch is one that is often requested. We always have it available, even if you don’t order decor. We love to provide a space you can find what you need and have a good time at.
Wooden Arch for Beautiful Decor

Themed Parties – A Magical Way to Spend your Day

Having a themed party at our Venue is a magical way to spend your day. Slip into a world of make believe and beauty, with our Base Decor Package, we will create a theme-based party foundation for you. Walk through the doors knowing it is

Recently, we’ve expanded our base decor package to include a gift from TCP for the guest of honor. This is because we love to contribute to the fun and joy of the day.

We also love to provide a service to those of you that want to DIY or save a little cash by finding good deals, and great party decor options at affordable rates. That’s why we have created mockup sets using Amazon products, and linked directly to them using our Amazon Affiliates link. So you can shop around, find a great way to make a beautifully well done themed party. Thank you for considering our suggestions, and for using our links.

Do you want us to do all of the decorating for your party?

We can definitely do that for you! At The Coolest Place®, we’re more than just a party venue – we’re a place where memories are made and cherished. Step into our space and you’ll be transported back to the warm embrace of Grandma’s house, where the laughter of loved ones fills the air and every corner is infused with the cozy comforts of home.

Just like Grandma’s house, we take pride in providing a welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere that celebrates the joys of family and togetherness. When you choose us to handle your party decorating, you’re not just hiring a team of professionals – you’re inviting us to become a part of your family’s story, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the decorating. From a birthday party to any other party we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is perfect and every moment is filled with love and laughter.

Ready to experience the enchantment of The Coolest Place®? Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable event. We can’t wait to invite you and your guests in.

Angie and Gabe

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looking through the soccer theme balloon arch onto the guest floor and tables and chairs
Hanging balloon cloud over gift table for baby shower
Balloon Arch featuring woodland theme balloons

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