Royal Fiveness Party Decor Setup with Pink balloon arrangements and crown balloons

Hello! We’re sharing a few birthday party ideas for 5 year old’s with mockup! Thanks for checking out the blog of our Party Venue.

Today we’ve been focused on getting organized for the weekend parties.

Being surrounded by all of this celebratory decor, I can’t help but think about how important birthdays really are. For the parents, and for the children.

Being parents ourselves we know the joy and ache of a birthday coming up. It is beautiful and it is harsh all at once, but after we handle our big people emotions, we all always end up in the same place: grateful, blessed, and so happy to see our children growing and thriving, and becoming the person they were meant to be.

Turning 5 is one of those birthdays where it might hit just a bit harder. It’s a special birthday. The cusp between babe and big kid, where the giggles still sound like bubbles erupting from their core and you still get those hugs and kisses without too much of a fight, but their steps towards independence are becoming more and more fervent every day.

That’s why we need to focus on celebrating the moments and making sure they get to enjoy being five, because it only happens once. Please don’t let those who talk down about parents that love to throw a special birthday party for their child get to you. It’s okay to do a birthday however you want, it’s your family, and your choice. If people prefer to stay home and have cake with their child and give them a personal and intimate birthday, that’s okay too. Nobody has room to say what is the best or perfect way to celebrate a child’s life.

We however love to see the effort parents make in giving their kids a great party. We will happily help you make something special for your child, because we know you care. It’s fantastic you care so much you want to celebrate in a beautiful way.

5th Birthday Party Ideas:

Now when it comes to birthday themes around “5” wow there is a lot to choose from. Here’s a short list of birthday party ideas for a 5 year old (We do make a commission off of sales from link clicks, so thank-you):

  1. 5 is a Vibe- Five is a Vibe – Wall Banner
  2. Her Royal Fiveness-Her Royal Fiveness – Party Decor Set
  3. High/Hi Five-High Hi Five – Party Decor Set
  4. Dive Into Five-Dive Into Five – Party Decor Set
  5. Young, Wild & Five-Young Wild and Five – Party Set
  6. Five & Fabulous-Five and Fabulous Party Set

Of course you could go on and on with any number, but I think that’s a great starting point.

Mockup Birthday Party Design – Her Royal Fiveness:

Time to create a mockup for you to use as inspiration and shop from. Her Royal Fiveness is calling out!!

Alright party planning people, here is the mockup of the design created using all supplies from Amazon. This is how you can create a beautiful birthday for less, but to be clear when I am hired to create a balloon arch I will of course us professional quality balloons.

So, there are a lot of balloon kits to choose from on Amazon. I personally think if you are going to put in the time to build an arch, you should at least choose some balloons that are going to make that easier for you. With PartyWoo you will do well when working with a limited budget but still looking to create a specific look. Instead of buying a pre-made kit, you can buy each color in a multiple size set. That way you have more control. The very inexpensive kits tend to exaggerate what the final look will be in their product photos because they will use multiple kits.

Her Royal Fiveness Birthday Setup with Balloon Garland

We used purple for “Her Royal Fiveness” because it stands out more. The other colors available are Rose Gold, Gold or Pink which are hard to see on this backdrop.

The 2 big pink balloons at the top are 22″ 4D Balloons. This is a large setup as the backdrop is 8×10, 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide. If you want to use less space, you can find a similar smaller backdrop.

To round out the look, you can get a simple sash and crown for your little Princess to wear. While there are many to choose from, this one has good ratings.

Birthday Princess Crown and Sash

Decor Set-Up Service:

There’s no need to set-up the decor yourself if that is something you don’t want to do. At The Coolest Place we do offer an in-house service to install your decor for you. It’s $50 base fee along with an hourly fee. We will estimate the number of hours it will take due to variety of decor.

For example, the Your Royal Fiveness Set featured here will take 3 hours to prepare and install it. We ask you to buy the number and sizes of balloons we require to replicate the look though and it is in our contract that we are not responsible for the quality of the materials and supplies you provide if you do choose that service.

Hopefully if you came upon this blog while searching for 5th birthday ideas you did come away with a few things you could use! I know you have a big birthday to plan for, so please leave a comment if you desire and then let the shopping fun begin!

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